Saltwater etching class in Louisville CO at Silver Peak Studio
Model wearing etched bracelet
Etching closeup variations
Saltwater etching journal cover
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Saltwater Etching

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Metal etching has been around since Middle Ages. It is a perfect way to add graphic design to your metal pieces with endless possibilities! Etching can be done by hand tools and chemicals; the saltwater method is a more environmentally friendly and time efficient way to add a higher level of design element to your work.  

Students in this workshop will learn:

  • Set up and disposal safety
  • How to transfer design graphics to transfer paper and then to metal
  • How to prep metal for a successful and clean etch
  • Discuss how etched components into jewelry pieces, such as champleve enameling

Prerequisites: none

Class is 6 hours with a 30 minute break for lunch. We have a mini fridge and microwave, a separate lunch room and a deck with a mountain view where you can relax on your break. We also have Nespresso coffee, tea, and snacks available for purchase.

The last day to cancel for a full refund is September 11, 2021.

Tools and Materials: 

Tools will be provided.  You need to bring your own mask as well as a N95 or KN95 mask for polishing.  Students should have 5-7 designs printed out to work with in class. Please feel free to email Jenny at and she will be happy to go over designs with you!

Materials kit fee is $35 (cash/check direct to instructor) and includes metal, pnp transfer paper, and other materials.

About the instructor, Jenny Kenyon

Jenny Kenyon

Jenny began her metalsmithing journey 20 years ago as a goldsmith apprentice in Colorado Springs. There she spent 7 years learning the lost wax casting trade. She immediately fell in love with the organic style & old world feel of wax design and casting - this has remained her focus and strength over the years.

After spending some time working in a jewelry repair shop, she relocated to Denver and began her 4 year employment at the Denver School of Metal Arts. There she worked with and assisted Metal Masters such as Travis Ogden, Michael Good, Amayak Stepanyan, Eric Burris, Carol Webb, & Michael Zobel to name a few. In addition to running the school, she taught several classes and intensives such as Lost Wax Casting, Riveting, Etching, Metals 1, & Wax Carving.

Jenny now lives in the mountains of Colorado where she homeschools her sweet girl & runs her jewelry business: River Wilding. Her work is largely influenced by her life out West. She feels the quiet solitude of the mountains is the perfect backdrop to slow down, tap into her wild creative flow and create her one of a kind pieces with intention. In addition to designing, she teaches “experience” metalsmithing classes to small groups of out of town visitors.

 Some of Jenny’s favorite things are hiking & hunting for rocks, spending time on the river, road trips to the desert, and slow mornings with coffee. This summer she plans to spend a lot more time on the river learning the art of fly fishing.