Troubleshooting soldering class at Silver Peak Studio in Louisville, CO

Troubleshooting Soldering

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In this one-day jewelry class, metalsmiths will increase their confidence with soldering, no matter what the project!

Many metalsmiths struggle with becoming proficient in soldering. Without proper guidance and practice it is difficult to progress in this very important aspect of creating metal jewelry. This essential metalsmithing workshop is specifically designed to foster an atmosphere of support and encouragement. Sara will be right there supervising your soldering and offering suggestions. She will help make this complicated process easier and even enjoyable.

This is a “technique only” class meaning participants will have the opportunity to focus on learning the skills, asking questions, and getting more comfortable with the torch and solders without any pressure to finish a project within the allotted time. All soldering will be done on 22 gauge red brass which is cheaper than silver but acts almost exactly like 20 gauge silver during the soldering process. The morning will be dedicated to discussing the principles of soldering, the basic properties of silver solder, the chemicals used for soldering, and clean up and basic torch safety. Participants will spend the afternoon practicing various soldering techniques and problem-solving any issues that may arise.

Class Duration: 8 hours with a 45-minute break for lunch

Prerequisite: Beginning Metalsmithing (Metals 1) or equivalent 

Tools will be provided.  Materials kit fee: TBD which will include metal, solder, and wire.

Last day to cancel: August 25, 2021

About the instructor, Sara McGraw:

Sara McGraw

Sara McGraw graduated from The Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Lakewood, Colorado in 2012 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture. Since then she has explored working in various mediums including painting, film and photography, electronics, drawing, and ceramics before choosing to work mainly in the jewelry and metalsmithing field.

Sara learned her craft through the combination of individual exploration and attending workshops through local Colorado studios and metalsmithing associations. Her primary medium is vitreous enamel but she is constantly growing and evolving as a metalsmith and is not averse to incorporating new metalsmithing techniques into her enamel work. Sara has been fortunate enough to take workshops from nationally renowned metalsmiths, jewelers and enamelists including: Ken Bova, Eric Burris, Harlan Butt, Andy Cooperman, Patsy Croft, Linda Darty, Joanna Gollberg, Anne Havel, Amayak Stephanyan, and Carol Webb.

Sara began instructing students in 2015 and is currently works as a full-time, freelance instructor and metalsmith. She has worked as an instructor for the Denver Jewelry Studio since 2018 and taught a Cloisonné workshop for the Jewelry Club at Arapahoe Community College in February 2020. Sara previously worked as an Office Administrator and Instructor at the Denver School of Metal Arts and was the Shop Support Administrator for Hyde Park Jewelers.