Tools 101 at Silver Peak Studio in Louisville CO
Customized steel tools
Jewelers tools that have been customized
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All About Tools: Care and Customization

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In this useful workshop, you will learn about maintaining, repairing, and altering steel tools that can be used to shape and form silver, gold, brass, and copper. Students will learn the fundamentals of working with four types of steel. Bring any tools from your studio to alter.

In addition to altering tools, you will also learn how to perform regular maintenance to your Foredom Flexshaft. 

Students will learn:

  • About four types of steel; Carbon, Alloy, Tool, and Stainless
  • Safety practices working with four types of steel
  • How to alter steel tools; such as pliers, punch and students are encouraged to bring a tool from their own studio 
  • How to use tools for cutting and grinding steel
  • Maintain and clean Foredom Flexshaft 

Students will have the option to alter an existing tool and a new tool, and at the end of class, will have a fundamental knowledge of working with steel. Students will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of maintaining proper maintenance to your flexshaft. 

Class is 4 hours with a 30 minute break for lunch. 

Tools and Materials: 

Tools will be provided. 

Materials kit is $55 (cash/check to instructor) and includes; face shield, pair of leather gloves, one pair of pliers, punch and chisel set.  

* Please wear fire-safe (cotton) clothing, including a long sleeve shirt and pants.  Also make sure to wear protective, closed toe footwear.

The last day to cancel for a full refund is October 15, 2022


About the instructor, Katy McClure

Katy McClureKaty first fell in love with metal almost a decade ago while welding steel shelf brackets. After that, she spent that time teaching as a Special Education Teacher for the Philadelphia Public School District and moonlighting as a metal artist. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Special Education from Gwynedd Mercy University in 2008. She then earned a Master’s degree in Education with a Reading Specialist certification from Cabrini University in 2015.  After leaving teaching to focus on metal full-time, she found her passion in working with metal. Most of her experience is in metal fabrication and blacksmithing. In the last few years, she has expanded her skills to silversmithing and metalsmithing. 

While learning metalsmithing, she started working with niobium and titanium, which are reactive metals. She uses the anodization process to create colors such as blue, pink, purple, yellow and green. Anodizing is an electrolytic finishing process that manipulates the oxide layer on the surface of titanium and niobium via electric current. 

What she loves the most about metal is the transformation it takes during the process. Taking raw material that is cold, sterile, and turning it into a story of warmth and suppleness. Each part of the process of moving, shaping and removing metal to create. 

Katy started her own company, Lost Bunny Designs, and works in her partner’s metal fabrication company, Carbon Collective. 

A few of her favorite things are; hiking, yoga, gardening, traveling and metal.