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Shopify 101: Build Your Own Website - March 10

Shopify 101: Build Your Own Website - March 10

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How many times have you heard: "oh I like your bracelet, where did you buy it?"

"I bought it on Etsy!"

When you are selling on Etsy, you are promoting their brand. They own the cutsomers' information.

It's time for you to start promoting your own brand with selling your art! 

In this six hour class, Jen will guide you step-by-step to create your own website on Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform.  

At the end of class, you will have created your account, claimed your domain, have your main navigation menu completed, and pages created for you to add copy and products. We will have had you list 1-3 products during class. You will feel empowered with filling in the rest of your information on your own.

Class duration: 6 hours with a short break for lunch.

Please review our cancellation policy before registering.  By registering for this workshop, you agree to our cancellation policy, dress code, and studio rules.

About the instructor, Jen Lesea-Ames:

Jen Lesea-Ames headshotA former exercise physiologist and triathlete, Jen retired from her fitness career after receiving a diagnosis of hip dysplasia and decided to go full-time with her jewelry business in 2014. 

Wanting more of a challenge after stringing beads for three years, she studied metalsmithing at the Denver School of Metal Arts (now called Denver Jewelry Studio) from 2012-2016. She decided to go full-time with her jewelry business in 2014 and opened Silver Peak Studio in July 2020.

She is the owner, designer, and metalsmith of Jen Lesea Designs, (2009-present); her jewelry is sold in over 50 stores, including Fallingwater Museum Store, the Denver Art Museum Gift Shop, and the national catalog Uncommon Goods. Her experience and work has landed her local and national press. Jen is an Applied Jewelry Professional from the Gemological Institute of America GIA. 

Jen has sold over $1.5 million in her jewelry line, and knows first-hand, what it takes to be a successful working independent artist.

Her fun and friendly nature is apparent in everything she does, whether its teaching metalsmithing, talking to art show patrons, or supporting her fellow jewelry artists in growing their business.

A few of Jen's favorite things is recreating outdoors, traveling, and hanging with her fur babies (kitties), Addie and Stevie.

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