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Saintly Dancing Gray Diamond Necklace

Saintly Dancing Gray Diamond Necklace

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This extraordinary necklace is available to view in person at the Silver Peak Gallery in Lafayette, CO. 

Gray diamonds are unconventional variations of traditional diamonds and are formed as a result of increased levels of hydrogen or boron encased in the crystal structure as the diamond is being formed. They are considered fancy diamonds, offering unique and bold choices for jewelry. Pictures just can't capture how sparkly this necklace truly is. All Saintly diamonds are conflict free as verified by the Kimberly Process. 

The necklace is 15.5" and adjustable to 17.5" and the charm is removable if you'd like to wear the strand of diamonds on it's own. There are approximately 18 carats of gray diamonds used. Solid 14k gold accents are welded around the strand to create asymmetry and whimsy throughout the piece. 

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